viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

ShoppingList in English

ShoppingList is an application to manage the shopping list easily.

How often have you made a shopping list on a paper, and have forgotten at home? How often have you remembered to products that you need on the street or at work? That's it!. Now you will can always bring the list and know what you need from each shop at all times.

If you are someone who prefers to buy each product at a different store because of the taste, the price, the offers... ShoppingList will facilitate you the task: you will can include the store, the price and the amount you need of each product in the shopping list. In addition, you can filter the list by the store where you're buying at all times!

ShoppingList automatically creates a list of products, so that for future purchases you will be able to add products to the shopping list directly. But this list will have only  products you buy. You can add new products, modify and delete them at all times. Why you need stored on your phone an endless list of products, if you don't use all of them?

How often have you come home and you has taken into account that you has forgotten go to the super? If you wish, ShoppingList will notify you when you're close to your usual shops.

Moreover, you can send the shopping list by mail.

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